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There are one HECK of a lot of antivirus programs available for your PC, smart phone, tablet or server but first, let me clarify that what works for an individual PC is not necessarily the same recommendation for your server. So, as the majority of you will want to know a recommendation for your individual PC, I will start there and for you looking for Server antivirus software, let me direct you to this free trial and advise you that though I test for workstation and home PCs constantly, testing for the best SERVER based antivirus is only done occasionally through the year.


Similar to the link above which will direct people looking for server antivirus software, I recommend AVG Antivirus FREE edition for your personal or workstation computer, android based smart phone or android based tablet.

"Why?" you ask.

The answer is simple. Day after day, week after week, all year around since October 2000, I have been dealing with infected computers. There are well over one million viruses nowadays so getting to know them all is impossible. When I have had infected machines at my premises, I often take the opportunity to have trial antivirus software on each of my machines and after testing with each one, AVG free has clearly come out second only to Sophos antivirus. While it is the best around, Sophos is hard to understand for the average user and unfortunately costs far too much if you only have one computer to protect. It comes with 3 licences for the fee but if you dont have 3 computers, it isnt worth the price when AVG is free and does ALMOST as good a job.

However, there is NOTHING available that will stop you being infected if you go to porn sites or illegal music/movie/etc download sites including torrents. Unfortunately, if you use those things, you WILL be infected. Take into account that there is, normally, 48 hours from when a new virus is released until it is detected by the antivirus companies but a lot of viruses are released, when ready, on porn or illegal music/etc download sites/torrents. So even the BEST antivirus wont save you from infection if they dont know the program as a virus. That is when you have to PAY to get your machine fixed or you could simply follow the best practice rules and not go to those sites and choose to UPDATE your antivirus software of choice the moment you turn your machine on and before you do anything else on internet (and to clarify, using your web browser OR your email program *IS* using Internet. Anything that goes through your ISP or internet connection *IS* on internet regardless of which program you use and as such you CAN import viruses that your antivirus would have stopped if you dont bother to update it before doing anything else on internet).

You may now be asking "So how am I supposed to download music?" and the only answer I can give you is "legally" at sites that sell songs, albums etc. It doesnt mean you wont get a download that is infected but the chances of doing that are negligible and also, if that happens, you have reason to ask for recompense if you can prove it.

So why do I not recommend any other antivirus? Surely the more popular an antivirus is, the better it will be, right? No, in fact it isnt right. Tests prove that one of the most well known brands of antivirus in the world ranks around 7th in protecting your machine and that some of those better than that well known one are actually not really all that well known by anyone. Please note that things change. At one stage AVG was about 4th in our ranking but it recovered second position and has remained there for about 36 months. If things change again, that will be reflected by an update to this particular page on our site.

Here at PC Handyman Professionals, we are in the front line of this fight. We deal with infected machines day after day. Most of them we can fix on premises but sometimes, to save the data and the Windows installation, we need to do things which take time and is best done back at our premises. We dont rely on computer magazine rankings to give you information as that information is rarely ever correct. Those articles are outdated when printed and as they dont deal with what is called "being in the trenches" in this warfare against what is criminal activity in attempting to infect your machine. By not actually doing the work day after day, they arent up to date with the latest techniques, some of which allowed PC Handyman Professionals to find a virus thought to be new but which had been around about 2 years but unnoticed by antivirus companies until we reported it. We usually find new viruses and report them each month of every year, well before they are reported generally. How do we do that? Well, we are sure our competitors would like to know but for you with infected machines who only need to use them at work or at home, the answer to that question isnt what you want to hear. You just want it fixed, right? That is what we do!

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