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From a basic new computer to a gamer special or your business server, PC Handyman can build a computer or full office network for you.


 However, what should you consider? Try this:


 1) Get a free quote. If the quote costs you and you don’t take it up, that is money down the drain. Ensure your quote is free, as it is here, at PC Handyman Professionals.


 2) What are your needs? Do you just do email and occasional web browsing? If so, you need a computer that will take you into the future but you dont need one with all the bells and whistles on it and thus it needn’t cost as much. Similarly, if you are an avid gamer and need the very best and latest of everything, then you should make that known when you ask for your quote. Is the computer meant to stand as a server employing Windows Server? If so, do you plan to limit what your staff can see on your computers?


3) Do I want a laptop or a desktop? Current technology as at the time of writing this is such that if you want a PC for other things AND games, you need a desktop. Times will change within the next few years but laptops are not the PC of choice for a SERIOUS gamer. Also, if you want to take your computer everywhere with you or just move it room to room, you need a laptop. In the same context, you don’t want a server running on a laptop that is easy to move about, for security reasons.


 4) What WINDOWS version do I need and what about all my current data? Well, the version that I recommend right now is Windows 7. Did you know that in 2010, XP service pack 2 has been dropped from being supported by Microsoft and that ALL XP will not be supported after April 2014? Internet Explorer 9 will not be for Windows XP, either so you wont be able to see all web sites properly and in some cases some web sites at ALL using Internet Explorer 8, the last one made to work with XP. No need to worry, though. You CAN use Firefox for your default browser. Also, your current computer's data, even if on XP, can be transferred to the new machine complete with settings. Installed programs, though, need to be installed from the original source so if you have, for example, Microsoft Office on your current machine and want it on the new one, then you need to tell me that so I can arrange to install it from your disks using your registration number. Did you know that Windows 7 & 8 does not include a native email client like all previous versions of windows did? There are free email clients like Thunderbird and others about but Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013are the email clients of choice. If you dont want to pay for those, you CAN download Windows Live Mail, though.


5) What will I do with my old machine? That depends on you. Some people prefer to keep it running and network it. I can do that for you. Some people prefer to wipe it and give it to a relative or donate it to a school or charity. I can do that for you, too.


6) What if my computer is dead? If the machine is dead and that is why you require a new computer, so long as your current computer's hard drive is still OK and the data isnt completely gone, I can get the data off, easily. If it is imperative to get the data off and the hard drive is busted, then depending on how it busted, I may still be able to get the data back even though it doesnt spin at all for you.

Just talk to me. Tell me what you use it for and I will make my recommendations. You can take my recommendations or you can tell me, if you prefer, "I want the latest and greatest" and that will be built for you.


Here at PC Handyman Professionals, whatever you need in your new computer may be possible. Just tell me what you need. Just fill in the CONTACT details to the left.



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